Mars a lifeless planet filled with cold air, Mars is like a desert almost, astronauts explore the planet then they returned straight home after their expedition, Mars was not lifeless planet back then, There were Aliens who lived on the Planet Called Mars but not anymore because they are now all extincted in other words dead but they only come back only in movies that are Science Fiction, Mars is the Big Red Planet even Today in Modern Time.

Aliens Edit

Aliens once lived on The Planet called Mars, Aliens are very Evil on that Planet until The Year 1954 when they tried to take over the world, Plan 9 From Outer Space proceeded as Planned when they invaded the Earth but their plan Failed in The Year 1954 when the Military learned their plan to take over the World so President ordered to Shoot and Destroy The Aliens, it was a Big Great Battle between The Military and The Aliens but in The End The Military were Victorious, They Killed all The Aliens and Shot Down Their Flying Saucers, The Aliens are Dead and Gone Forever and The Military became The Heroes of America, Mars is now an Inhabited Planet, there is no life there, The Aliens are all Extincted even Today, Mars is a Lifeless Planet.

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